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The Bookshelf is an Emirati brand founded by a mother of two. Our mission is to instill the love of reading in our society in an age where screens have taken over. We are firm believers that reading at a young age has numerous benefits such as increasing focus span, critical thinking, developing language, and social skills. 

As a mother who is passionate about reading herself, Nada carefully selects books for her children. This can be a challenging task especially for busy parents. It proved to be even more difficult in 2020 when the pandemic hit us. This meant she couldn’t buy books for her children for months because she had no access to the content of the books being sold online. This is the reason she started The Bookshelf, so that other parents do not have to go through the same struggle. 

At The Bookshelf, we provide parents with the best books for their children monthly. They can rest assured that the content of these books are suitable for our very diverse and tolerant society in the Emirates. We would love to take that burden away from parents so that they focus on bonding with their children through reading.


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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